This is what a selection of our customers say about working with NORD-machinery

I / we have been cooperating with Ruben from Nord-machinery for different projects and have come to appreciate this intensifying partnership.

Ruben and his team are very reliable, transparent, hands-on and all-around professional. They provided very good work and extra value, always putting in the extra mile to find solutions on all levels.

We thoroughly enjoy working with them and look forward to more joint business in the future.

Dirk Linnewedel – Head of Operations – VEGA Salmon GmbH

Renowned Danish seafood producer Varde Laks A/S ordered a set of very large conveyors just as the C19 Pandemic blossomed in the spring.

Facing several challenges during production due to these troubling circumstances was both frustrating at times and also tested Varde Laks and NORD-machinery´s interpersonal skills.

Ruben Hansen CEO of NORD-machinery : “A good relationship is never tested when things goes as planned, it is always when things go sideways that the relationship is really put to the test”

With a great deal of understanding and patience from Varde Laks combined with NORD-machinery´s wish to give the customer their order we succeeded with delivery and installment despite the odds.

The conveyor is of hygienic design and features a total length of no less than 16 meters (in 2 separate

Thank you Varde Laks for your patience and understanding, and a big thanks to all of our suppliers that really came through for us in this trying time. Ruben Hansen – CEO of NORD-machinery

Varde Laks A/S is very happy with this solution that was a part of a plan to expand capacity in the slicing area with among other additions a new slicer. Tiltable tabletops allow for work done in very close vicinity on the conveyor line and also gives free access for cleaning crews post production.

Thomas Jessen – Technical Manager – Varde Laks A/S

We bought a NSD dosing machine Advanced that is a combined single lane drysalting and spice dosing machine. We used it primarily for portion cut salmon that first gets a small amount of salt and then a spice mix before smoking. We also bought some conveyors.

We are now saving 50% of our spice in comparison with hand dosing and has reduced staff with 30%. We have gained 50% production capacity and have more consistent products due to the more even distribution of salt and spices.

We had a few challenges when we took delivery but NORD-machinery quickly came through for us and fixed these issues. After that the machine has been running for almost a year now with no need of service or major repairs. The quality of this machine is generally very good.

From the first presentation of the machine at NORD-machinery´s factory to development and installation at our premises the experience has been only positive.

Christoph Kjærgaard – Managing Director – Polar Salmon Hjerting Laks