NORD machinery knows what incredible potential the industry 4,0 business philosophy have. We are constantly implementing intelligent systems on our own factory and use it in our daily business.

Typically, the machinery on the market today is outdated and are not compatible with this way of running a production line.

The NORD machinery products are all compatible with industry 4,0 and will feature unique systems to the specific machine that will give you a better yield, lesser downtime and better quality on the finished product.

Typically, you will find on all our machines:

  • A very large touchscreen HMI unit with a simple and user-friendly menu.
  • Instructional videos on the HMI unit for service or replacing specific parts.
  • A full copy of the instruction manual and spare parts list as a readable electronic document on the HMI.
  • Intelligent software that will alert the user when service is due.
  • Order spare parts directly from the HMI using the pre-installed features in the machine in combination with our FAST-SPARES©
  • Various mobility solutions

In addition, we recognize that some may not want to connect the machine to the internet for various reasons and for those customers our most important spare parts have been labelled with a QR code for scanning. Scanning one of these QR codes will give instant access to the FAST-SPARES© website and that specific product ready to order.